| Aesthetics |

one's set of principles or worldview as expressed through outward appearance, behavior, or actions 

We all have our own unique perception of the world. Aesthetics by Nuha is a platform that strives to express my worldview through my artwork and more.

I hope to, by sharing bits and pieces of all my aesthetic, give you a glimpse of the world through my lense, give you something to think about, and leave you with a sparkly smile. 

Sending love, Nuha

Custom One of Kind Aesthetics!

Canvas paintings

Aesthetics by Nuha's Denim Collection is full of vibrant one of a kind hand painted pieces! Each piece is unique to itself. I hope you can find a piece of yourself in each aesthetic.

Free Domestic Shipping on ALL denim collection *only* purchases. International Shipping on all denim collection *only* purchases will be $10. All denim collection purchases will include a free Aesthetics by Nuha sticker!