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Series & Stories

 Stories that need to be shared. Words that deserve to be heard.

Art that strives to bring it all together. 

- Nuha


" Love, Mom "

Happy Mother's Day. "Love, Mom" shares the voices of nine o the many incredible, hardworking, and loving mothers out there. These women have given some insight into their life as  a mom, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, along with the rewards, struggles, and devotion behind motherhood. 
Mothers deserve to be celebrated everyday.

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Featuring @arahman21, @zeearije, @safa_aafa, @lovelaughmirch, @honeydol, @beefit, @avanimsarkar, @deeptinyc, and @amidesai


" See Our Truth " 

Regardless of your faith or where you are from, every person has their own interpretation of what the hijab and he person wearing it is "supposed to" embody. We tend to limit our understanding of what the hijab stands for by aligning it to just one truth. When in reality, the beauty of the hijab is that there is no single truth and what it represents goes beyond much of our comprehension. As a Muslim woman who does not wear a hijab, I felt it was even more important for me to do a series where I can give a platform to some of many incredible woman who wear the hijab so beautifully and proudly. I had my own take on the hijab, but after reading the words of these eight inspiring women, I have felt my own perspective broaden. I hope that this series allows you to see and understand that their are many different truths to what the hijab represents. 

See that their truth is our truth. 

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